Emphatic’s Major Announcement….

This week there was some news circulating on Facebook about Patrick Wilson, Lance Dowdle and Alan Larson leaving Emphatic.

Alan posted on his Facebook:

“BREAKING NEWS… Along with Patrick Wilson and Lance Dowdle, I will no longer be affiliated with Emphatic… OK, ok… I’m done copying Lance… LOL!

Seriously, I LOVED every minute of it…alas…Rock N Roll don’t pay the billz & with a new KICK ASS career at Yahoo!, I’m callin it a day! I will ALWAYS play music & who knows?!? Maybe a kick ass just for fun Project with a certain vocalist may come up someday. Ya never know!!!

I don’t regret anything & would do it all over again in a HEARTBEAT! For now, I’ma be a Data Center Technician contracted with Yahoo! doing what I LOVE!!! NEVER give up on your dreams! Ya never know! You may get EVERYTHING you’ve ever asked for… LIKE ME!!!!!!!!LOVE LIFE!!!
Lance posted on his Facebook:
“BREAKING NEWS… Along with Patrick Wilson, I will no longer be affiliated with Emphatic. We had a good run. It should have been way more than what it was. Damage is one of the best rock albums released in the past 10 years and I’m honored to have been involved. Getting to do a last tour with Patrick was at least one hell of a way to go out. I’m am so thankful for Jeff Blue, Steve Robertson, and everyone at Atlantic. They made this happen for me and hope they keep me involved. I’m seasoned, hungry, and ready for real success.

Who would like to see Patrick and I carry on together? Possibly with a certain drummer *COUGH* Dylan Wood… and what about that other rock star Creighton Taylor Bibbs??? I know another dude who can slapadabass real good. Can you say SUPERGROUP?!Not sure what will happen, but I am not going to let this be the end of my journey. Thanks to the fans who support me and will continue to be my support. I love you guys!

Time to get to work on my own material, and getting back to the shredding I used to do…”

Emphatic posted about Patrick leaving saying:
“BREAKING NEWS… Patrick Wilson has left the band due to personal reasons. Patrick will be missed but the show must go on. We are moving forward working on a new record set for release early 2013. We are so grateful to have the most amazing fans and we hope to have your continued support… we wont give up on you!!! More info to come soon!!!”
So it is confirmed that Justin Mccain and Patrick Mussack will still be in the band.  It will not be the same without the other three.

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